Profitability, Stability and Security

We provide our private and institutional investment clients the real estate products they request, customised to suit their budgets and financial considerations, offering the right balance between investment profitability, stability and security.

GRAMAR provides our clients expert advisory services in order to guarantee the success of their investments:

• Drawing up optimisation plans
In order to build or maintain a property portfolio we need to mark out an investment strategy which enables us to focus our efforts on specific goals. We study and rationalise our client's real estate portfolios through the acquisition, conservation, management and rotation of their assets.

• Management

The product is presented to the client along with all the essential paperwork needed to finalise and ensure the security of transactions: urban planning information, deed registry procedures, permit applications, etc.

• Negotiation
We work in close collaboration with our clients during the negotiation and final phase of transactions, drafting contracts and facilitating agreement between the parties.

• Commercialization
It is our commercial team’s job to find the most suitable customer for each property, in line with the profitability and security criteria mandated by our clients.

GRAMAR Investment:


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